Did the Windsors really supported the Nazis ?


Or the renunciation to any sort of patriotic feeling

Hitler had supporters all over the world, even among the Great and the Good of Britain.
Lord Halifax is well known for having been one of the warmest, Sir Oswald Mosley,
leader of the
British Fascists knowm as the Black Shirts is another. But the most
famous of all were doubtless the Duke and the Duchess of Windor, a.k.a. temporarily
George VIII and Wallis Simpson.

Wallis Simpson was an American twiced divorced belle who before to meet the Prince
of Wales in 1931 had led an tumultuous life in America and China. Born (1896) in Blue
Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania (USA) in a well-off family, she was the typical Northern
belle very well aware of her charm, her intelligence, her dues and she was ambitious,
cunning and attracted to healthy and powerful men. She first married in 1916 a Navy
pilot named
Earl Spencer and followed him in his post to China where he officially
became an alcoholic : furthermore she compromised herself with Russian and British
Naval Officers to the point that the Navy suspected some double crossing. Mr.Spencer
was rapatriated in the USA by the Navy, Wallis divorced him in 1927 and stayed alone in
Hong Kong where she led a very adventurous life even working in night clubs, maybe
brothels as escort.

She then met a wealthy Anglo-American shipping broker named
Ernest Aldrich
Simpson, an ex-Captain in the Coldstream Guards, whom she married in 1928 and
followed him in London where he introduced her to the Great and Good of the British
society. In 1931, she met the then Prince of Wales at a party but his Highness was not
impressed. Three years later, the Princely mood changed and Edward -who liked to
consider himself as a black sheep- was finally attracted to her domineering manner and
abrasive irreverence although she was not any more a youngster (in 1934 she was
close to 40). They became lovers later on although Edward has constantly denied they
have been lovers before their marriage which nobody actually believed.
The Windsors at the Berghof
"You love me and I love
you, so I have to abdicate"
or the stupid romance of a
selfish monarch
Wedding day May 1937
Wallis had a weakness for the Nazis

The Nazis sympathies of Wallis Simpson were well known
in London. She became extremely friendly with a lot of
Nazis firebrands like Herman Goering and more
especially Joachim von Ribbentrop, then German
ambassador to London. Wallis Warfield Simpson was
regarded by the Police as a person very fond of the
company of men and to have had many affairs, notably
with a car dealer named
Guy Marcus Trundle who was
kept under surveillance by Special Branch officers and
with Ribbentrop. The ambassador would have gained her
to the Nazi cause and succeeded in "planting" her as
some sort of influential double cross within the English
High Society.
On this picture  the Duke is apparently friendly talking with Dr Paul Josef Goebbels, chief
propagandist of the  Nazi regime.

Everybody in London and Berlin knew that Edward was the puppet of Wallis who
manipulated him at will. Later Hitler would have made Ribbentrop a Foreign Affairs
Minister to officially acknowledge this remarkable job. As for Edward Prince of Wales
himself, the fact was very well known he had huge nazi sympathies : he spoke without
thinking, often sharing classified information with whoever was present. One telling
example of his poor judgment is given by the Austrian ambassador, Albert Mensdorff,
who spoke with the prince in 1933. He wrote of his amazement that the prince openly
stated his sympathies for Nazi Germany. Edward also announced that, due to the
communist threat, Britain would also ultimately uphold the beliefs of the Nazis. The
prince said he wanted no more war but, if it should come to that, Britain must win and
that meant siding with the Germans, not the French. The ambassador asked Edward
his opinion on ending the National Socialist dictatorship, but the prince did not reply.
Mensdorff got the impression that he hadn’t really given much serious thought to the
ideas they had been discussing. Nevertheless, Edward did not seem to be shy about
airing his views of Germany.
In 1945, Albert Speer, ex minister of Armaments of the Reich, declared to his
interrogator before the trial of Nuremberg that , during the re-militarization of the
Rhineland in 1936, it was the moderating and placating influence of Edward VIII that
prevented the French and the English to oppose the move. Speer added that any
oppositon to this move by the French would  have ruined the attempt. It would have
probaly put also an end to Hitler's  political career.

So when in 1936 Edward POW (Prince of Wales) became Edward POW (Prisoner of
Wallis) and then Edward VIII, King of England, some eyebrows rised in Buckingham
Palace, at 10 Downing Street and elsewehre in the Empire. Was the King going to dump
his infamous mistress who was still married to her Simpson husband and at last marry
a decent aristocratic English virgin ? No way. The Prince-become-King then broke a
fuse or two : he decided that he was going to marry the "woman I loved". But Winston
Churchill and the Prime Minister
Stanley Baldwin would have none of that royal caprice :
a divorcee, it was already too much but a Nazi fanatic becoming Queen of England, it
was not even thinkable one second. Although Wallis is reported to have tried not to
encourage him to abdicate, Edward decided that he could not be at the same time King
and estranged from his lover : so in a very famous speech on 11 December 1936, he
announced his abdication. The whole world was in shock at the announcement of such
a decision.
However before the abdication, the Duke
when he was King kept Wallis, who was
still Mrs. Simpson until May 1937, at Fort
Belvedere which is on the grounds of
Windsor Castle Park. Every day from the
offices of the Prime Minister in Downing
Street, there would be brought to the King
the famous dispatch box containing the
most confidential papers of the Empire
wired by the British ambassadors in the
world. One day in 1936, the Prime
Minister Stanley Baldwin called to see the
Duke at Fort Belvedere and found all these papers strewn about the piano for any one to
see and especially Mrs. Simpson. Now, no one doubted that Mrs. Simpson was loyal to
the King, but the fact was that she had played around with the Ribbentrop Set and that
was a huge shock to Baldwin.

  Baldwin called the bluff

So when Edward VIII threatened to abdicate, Baldwin called his bluff. Although it moved
the emotional love-story readers of Boise (Idaho), the decision was in the context of the
times pretty stupid and selfish : free to marry, Wallis and Edward married on June 3,
1937 at Chateau de Condé in Monts (France). No member of the British Royal Family
attended the wedding. Far from relenting from this stubborn attitude, Edward -who was
made Duc of Windsor by his brother George VI- embarked himself as soon as 1937 on
a sort of diplomatic trip in Germany where he visited Hitler, talked to the creme de la
creme of the NSDAP -Robert Ley, Josef Goebbels, Herman Goering- (see pictures) and
embarrassed the English Governement, the Royal Family and even his own mother
Queen Mary who decided that "this guy was not her son anymore." Hitler and the Duke
would have then striked a deal : Edward would use his influence to prevent Britain to
enter a war in Europe and after the victory of Germany, the Nazis would help him to
recover his throne. This pact with the devil was never proved but the rumor about it has
been persistent.

As for the sex life of the couple, many theories have surfaced since their death : one of
the most disturbing wants us to believe the Duchess was suffering from the androgen
syndrome and that she could not have sex. Another that the Duke was impotent and
could reach orgasm, like Hitler, only by being bullied and mistreated. The most
appalling records about their unexisting love-sex life can be read on the
Internet and in
gossip books like the very dubious "
Dancing with the devil" published in 2001.

After the Fall of France in June 1940, a "defeatist" interview with the Duke that received
wide distribution may have served as the last straw for the British government: in August
a British warship dispatched the pair to the Bahamas and the Duke was installed as
Governor. In December 1940, before the entry of America into the war, the Duke gave
from the Bahamas another appalling interview to an American journalist named Charles
Fulton Oursler, supervising editor of the Macfadden publishing empire and editor in
chief of Liberty, a popular weekly magazine. In this interview that was not published
during the War (1), the Duke said it would be "a tragic thing for the world if Hitler were
overthrown. Hitler, he said, was the right and logical leader of the German people." Then
he went on saying that he regarded Hitler as a great man and asked Oursler whether he
supposed that (your) "President would consider intervening as a mediator when, as and
if the proper time arrives?". Eventually, the Duke expressed the opinion that it sounded
"very silly to put it this way, but the time is coming when somebody has got to say, you
two boys have fought long enough and now you have to kiss and make up."

According to Oursler's son, Fulton Oursler Jr., his father never published the interview at
the request of Franklin D.Roosevelt considering the damages it could cause to the
Royal Family and to the conduct of the war. The documents that show how poorly Mrs
Wallis Simpson and her Duke were considered by the Secret Services of America
during their Governorship of the Bahamas can be consulted in these different
documents :
Windsor 1, Windsor 2, Windsor 3, Windsor 4, Windsor 5 and by reading
this appalling pamphlet :
Treason 1, Treason 2, Treason 3.

After the war, the Windsors returned to France where the Duke died of cancer in 1972
and the Duchess of unknown causes in 1986. She lived her last years as a recluse. In
1970, I saw the Duke in the lobby of a luxury hotel in Avenue Marceau in Paris : the
misery and the sadness emanating from this man were absolutely unbearable.

(1) The interview's content was recently released by the son of Oursler but it was well
known of the British Secret Services who spied on the Duke and of FDR. The Duke was
selfish enough not to guess that after all the troubles he caused to his country he would
not be bugged by the Secret Services everywhere in the British Empire.

In 1936  Wallis Simpson
had the honor of the cover
of Time Magazine which
had the knack to give this
privilege to  nazi
sympathizers like Wallis
and the Americano
Norwegian  Torkild Rieber,
head of Texaco
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or the Royal Comedy
In 1937 the Windsors paid a visit to Hitler that  
terribly embarrassed the Royal Family