According to unfounded  rumours, Herr Alois Hitler-Shickelgruber would
have been  a Rothschild (sic) or a Frankenberger (resic). But the evidence
has always been  cruelly lacking. The only certainty  is that he was the son
of a Schickelgruber. According to Revisionist Historians, like Faurisson,
Irving or Butz, the 20th century was a century of myth and it was certainly
one of big lies and shameful propagandas. This serie  of infamies started
with the publication of the repulsive
 Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
that first appeared in a 1903 edition of the Kishinev newspaper, in the
Ukraine; then in 1905, in the appendix of the third edition of a book by Pr.
Sergei Nilus, a religious mystic, titled The Great in the Small.

                    Dialogues in Hell

The Protocols purported to be an outline for the control of the world by the
Jews, with the help of the Masons. The document was used to supposedly
prove that the Illuminati was an exclusively Jewish plan for world domination,
and it showed the Jewish race in a bad light. In the course of intense
research, there has not been any substantial evidence to prove this
accusation. In 1921, the New York Times ran editorials by Phillip Graves, a
London Times correspondent, who said that the Protocols had been copied
from a rare 1864 French political satire called
Dialogues in Hell Between
Machiavelli and Montesquieu.
It was a pamphlet containing a conversation
between Montesquieu (presenting a case for liberalism) and Machiavelli
(who represented autocracy) which criticized the government of Napoleon III
(who was deposed in 1871). Being illegal to criticize the Monarchy, he
fictionalized it, making Napoleon the character of Machiavelli, to explain the
Emperor's underlying motives.

But still, the whole thing was a huge success, translated all over the world,
even into Japanese, and it did influence the thinking of many Christians and
non-Christians who were persuaded that Jewry and
Masonry were conspiring to take over the world. The Nazi regime held in
high consideration this piece of completely ridiculous forgery. So pretending
that Hitler was a Jew is but a vain and stupid attempt to give a second
credibility to pamphlets like the Protocols : the evidence, says their
supporters, was in the Protocols. Because, if Hitler tried to take over the
world, it is because he was Jewish: Period.

                        The pimps of history

Supporters of Hitler’s Jewishness –or other rabid anti-semites- are abundant
on the Web. A good example can be found at the
Hitler Historical Museum
that sweats anti-semitism in spite all the Webmaster’s efforts to sound
“politically correct” and it is simply laughable. The theoreticians of Hitler’s
Jewishness (in my opinion) are but the pimps of history in so far as they
prostitute it. They put forward the fact that Maria Anna Schiklgruber (Alois
Hitler’s Sr. mother) was a servant for a wealthy Jewish family when she
become pregnant and that she was actually made pregnant by the son of
the Lord of the House.

Some even pretend that this wealthy family was the Viennese branch of the
Rothschild thus Adolf would be a Rothschild and a quarter Jew !! Some
prefer to more modestly mention some jewish family named Frankenberger,
rich merchants of Grass, whose 19 years old son would be the culprit and
would have shamelessly abused of the ...40th old Maria.

According to the testimony during the Nuremberg trial of Hans Frank,
general Governor of Poland during WW2, Maria Anna would have been a
cook in a Jewish family named Frankenberger in Grass near Linz when she
became pregnant of a child. There was also, according to Frank, a
correspondence between these Frankenbergers and Maria Anna, the
general trend of which was the unexpressed common knowledge that
Schickelgrubers's child had been conceived in circumstances which
rendered the Frankenbergers liable to pay a paternity allowance. There is
some evidence to support the account given by Hans Frank during his
Nuremberg statement, and it has never been entirely disproved.

Nevertheless, Hitler received in 1930 a letter from the son (William Patrick)
of his half brother (Alois Jr.), possibly an attempt at blackmail, which hinted
at "very definite facts concerning our family history". William Patrick was only
acting on hear-say and could not prove anything but the threat was serious
and Hitler who knew about those rumours was scared. He then decided to
ask Hans Frank to go to Austria and to make a thorough inquiry about it. It is
difficult to judge the validity and credibility of Frank's findings but his
testimony about the matter made a big effect during the Nuremberg Trial in
1945-46. One can think that he exaggerated the gossips as there were no
Jews in Grass until 1854 whereas Alois Sr. was born in 1837.

Nothing has ever been seriously proved about it and probably will never be.
Hitler himself was aware of these gossips and took great care of them by
sending Frank to Austria to investigate but all what Frank could bring back
was the confirmation of the rumors and no material evidence of the letters.
Still the advocates of Hitler's jewry affirm that the Fuehrer distroyed all
traces of his father and granfather's past and add that, in 1938 after the
Anschluss, the native city of Alois Sr. was rased by German tanks. In fact, as
said John Toland in his remarkable biography of Hitler, the city was
distroyed by Russian tanks in 1945.

                   Triple-edged theory

As for the Rothschild theory, it is supported, according to their theoricians,
by the fact that when Baron Rothschild knew of the pregnancy, he fired poor
Maria and sent back her home to Spital. Which is an undeniable evidence of
his fault. It is again laughable. In those times of weak Welfare Assistance
and expensive medicine, pregnant servants
used to go back to their family home to spend the last weeks of the
pregnancy and deliver the baby in the best possible conditions. Their
landlord just let them go home for some time and took them back after
the delivery. Note that this theory is triple-edged:

* 1- it purports that Hitler was a Jew
* 2- it underlines how bad the Jews are who abuse poor servants,
put them in the sack and then give them the sack
* 3- then it lets you think that Hitler-the-Jew was really a monster
to come up with a plan of total extermination of his own race.

If this is not rabid stinking anti-semistism, what is it ?

Other theories, more ridiculous again, flourished from the other side of the
Atlantic. A Colombus, Ohio, policeman pretended once that Hitler was the
grand-grandson of a Jewish philanthropist of Columbus, Ohio. And so on…
There is even the theory that Hitler’s laws defining who was a Jew (three of
the four grandparents had to be Jews) seemed to have been especially
written for his own case or/and for his schoolmate the jewish philosopher
Wittgenstein (three of his four grandparents were Jews) who Hitler hated
and who had Communist sympathies all his life. With a topic like Hitler, every
interpretation, every fancy, every phantasm are possible and have a good
chance to be accepted by the general public.

But all theories are adamant that Herr Hilter was Jewish and give you the
final evidence with this fact: in 1938, Hitler annexed Austria ONLY to put his
hands on the official documents in Vienna that authenticated his birth in a
Jewish family. People who know Hitler’s ideas and ambitions are aware that
Hitler’s #1 obsession was to merge Austria and Germany – the motherland-
in order to save Austria from Jews and other minority depravations.

The people who support such thesis have surely enough omitted to read
Mein Kampf and understood nothing to Hitler. But others might have read it
too literally because Hitler was obviously obsessed by the myth that "Jews
continually raped, and therefore despoiled with their poisonous blood,
young Gentle German maidens in their employ.” It was an evident allusion to
what might have been the fate of his own grand-mother. One thing is sure:
justified or not, Hitler had doubts about his own aryan lineage .

Even Langer lied or fancied some Jewish origin

Interestingly enough, Walter C. Langer might have been one of them: in his
report about
Hitler’s profile for the OSS in 1943, Langer stated that Austrian
Chancellor Dollfuss asked his secret police to carry out an exhaustive
research about Hitler’s (or Hiedler or Hutller) family and Anna Maria's
whereabouts in Vienna. The police, said Langer, would have established the
presence of Anna as a servant at the Rothschild’s and who would have
been sent back to her folks at the moment of the pregnancy. A testimony
that totally contradicts Hans Frank's testimomy.

Even if the police findings are authentic and not forged to please the new
Nazi masters, they do not prove anything. To make his point, Langer quoted
“prestigious and reliable sources” like Fritz Thyssen and Kohler who always
considered that “Austria’s anschluss” was mainly perpetated to withdraw
those documents from public scrutiny. They were never found, continued
Langer, because Dollfuss destroyed them. Their existence is only a myth.
The psychological works of Langer about Hitler were good and credible and
they foresaw a lot of events and possibilities. Factually, Langer is less
credible: he interviewed a lot of persons who hated Hitler and were prone,
like Rauschning, to tell to the allies whatever they were ready to listen.

I personally totally discard his testimony concerning Hitler’s possible
Jewishness. For one additional reason: in this Profile, Langer went as far as
to write that Alois’s Sr. intelligence and behavior were beyond what can be
expected from an Austrian family of peasants and more suitable to a linage
of highly educated Jews. Sic. Do not make me laugh, Mister “Psy”, you are
on the verge of ridicule. Intelligent, the fact to beat to death a boy who is
often truant or comes home a bit late ? Intelligent, the refusal to let him
follow his own professional path ? Intelligent, his obsession to be called
“Herr Vater” (Sir Father) by his kids and “uncle” by his cousin-wife ?

                 Grotesque assumption

There is nothing intelligent in those obsessions. One only can see the
meanness of a stubborn mind, closer to the peasant tradition of the XIXth
century than to the eclectic and artistic tradition of the Jewish intelligentsia. If
Alois Sr. was half-Jewish, my opinion is that he would have encouraged his
son’s artistic ambitions especially he was aware of his Jewishness as the
supporters of it supposed. Anyway to conclude that Hitler killed millions of
Jews because he knew about it and hated his womanizing stingy Jewish
grand-father, is the most grotesque assumption you can make about Hitler:
it is gutter psychology and gossipy history or sheer crassness.

In fact, there is one single and excellent explanation to the theory of Hitler's
jewry. In 1932, still worried about his family's origin, Hitler asked the Austrian
genealogist Karl Fiedrich von Frank to investigate his family tree : number
45 in the tree was a great great great Catholic grandmother named
Katharina Salomon from the parish of Döllersheim. It was the appearance of
the jewish-souding name that started speculations about Hitler’s jewish
background. In fact, Frank had made a mistake and corrected it : the
ancestor was in reality a Maria Hamberger from Nieder-Plöttbach. Frank
corrected the mistake as early as August 1932. But the print run containing
the error had already been shipped, a lot of newspapers men picked up on
it and once a false rumor concerning a figure like Hitler was in the air, it was
extremely difficult to stop it.

It is always appalling to see how Hitler’s follies have given birth to theories
and speculations probably more insane and dangerous. It is surprising that
no famous author or aspiring best-seller writer had yet showed up with the
theory that Adolf was Muslim. I can already give you the evidence of his
Muslimness: in 1941, he made a deal with the great Mufti of Jerusalem
whose goal was to contribute reciprocally to the extermination of the Jews in
their own sphere of influence. A
Waffen SS Muslim division was even set up.

But let us finish this article with a quote from the Fuehrer himself: "The
discovery of the Jewish virus is one of the greatest revolutions that have
taken place in the world. The battle in which we are engaged today is of the
same sort as the battle waged, during the last century by Pasteur and Koch.
How many diseases have their origin in the Jewish virus?". A statement that
seems to be giving some credibility to the assumption that Maria Anna was
made pregant by a Jew. His promoters underline that Hitler was aware he
had the jewish virus in his blood. But why then did he try to eliminate all Jews
from the surface of the earth ? Out of a single hatred for the alleged rape of
his granmother whose authenticity is only based on an error, gossips and a
correspondance which was never produced ?

Or is it the troubling confirmation that his mental and physical health was in
shatters well before his accession to power ? When one deals with a
madman, madness is everywhere. After all, one must not forget the anti-
semitic climate of Vienna at the turn of the century and the political
influences of Hitler from notorious anti-semites like von Schönerer, Krueger,
von List, von Liebenfels, Haushofer, von Sebottendorf, Houston Stuart
Chamberlain and his master to all Wagner himself. Influenced by such a
kebab of nuts and anti-Semites, Hitler, the ambitious dictator, did not need
to think about the possible rape of his granmother to become the most rabid
anti-semite of his time.

Goebbels and
Goering hated each
other and had an
awful influence on the
Fuhrer but none of
them were really
The caption says:" He
who wears this
symbol is an enemy
of our people".
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Hitler Jew
The myth of the XXth Century
Then we have the incredible The Hoax of the 20th
century by Pr. Butz who took great pains in this book
to demonstrate that the Holocaust did not occur and
that the gas chambers did not exist. He went as far
as saying that the German resistance to Hitler never
mentioned, knew or heard of a program of
extermination of the Jews: thus such a program did
not exist. It is amazing to see to what conclusions
people, who want to rewrite History, can indulge
themselves; it is the same process with those who
want to make Hitler a Jew. Basically, it is disguised
anti-semitism under the cover of scientific history -
the worst of all hoaxes.
Nazis enjoyed auto-da-fés
of Jewish literature
Powerful  German industrialists like Fritz Thyssen accredited
the fiction that Hitler was a quarter Jew. Nevertheless,
through the family's Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart in
Rotterdam, he  loaned the Nazi Party money to build the  first
Nazi headquarters in Munich.
Who can serioulsy
think that a quarter
Jew would have  
inflicted this
treatment to  Jewish
little kids ?