A dud in the bag afraid of women he could not satisfy
The not so perfect Don Juan
Although "married" to the Third Reich, Hitler was not
completely satisfied with it, so in the end, he had a lot of not-so-
platonic extra-marital affairs. Little credible information about
the real nature of these affairs has actually surfaced. Reports
about Hitler's affairs are more than disturbing because Hitler's
relationships with women always ended in tragic circumstances.

In a recent biography of Hitler, German historian, Guido
(1), put forward the theory that Hitler's relationships
with women were flagrant evidence of his megalomania. Knopp
pretended that Hitler's inability to enjoy normal happy lasting
relationships with his entourage (and women) stemmed from
the Fuhrer's mystical ideas of his destiny and his devotion to
Eva was a cheeky nice
blonde woman not
particularly smart
and rather futile
     A jerk afraid of women

Do not make us laugh Herr Knopp !!! It takes a strange
mould of an historian  to lend to this vain man such
great motivations and it is too much honor to pay to the
guy. Reality is tougher and bleaker but some people still
want to believe that Hitler, although a mad man, had
noble motives: as would have said Marlene Dietrich, who
knew a lot about men and excelled in calling a villain a
villain, Hitler was nothing else than "a jerk afraid of
women". His alleged mystical ideas of his destiny came
up as a convenient excuse. Let us bring some evidence
of it.
Eva Braun married Hitler in
April 1945 then the couple
committed suicide. Some
think that she is
responsible for the suicide
of Geli Raubal
Not all women were in love
with Hitler,
some even
fought him  to their death
Hitler said once to his sister-in-law, Bridget Hitler, that he could not get married because,
"in the Hitler maid-battalions there are 20 million girls in love with me and another 20
million more women, i.e. 40 million females in love with me. If I were to marry one of these
women; I would lose the personal interest of 39,999,999 others tomorrow. No, no, no, I
can not afford to do that." Incredible vanity, cold political calculation or sheer stupidity of a
man who did not fear to consider himself as a genius ?  

Hitler who is said to prefer auburn-haired women with a well built body had nevertheless a
weakness for Aryan women. Blonde Scandinavians with glaring blue eyes always stirred
him. Among these, was the beautiful
Inga Ley, scion of a prestigious German artists
family, dancer and spouse of Robert Ley, an idealist but  tough and alcoholic ex-WWI pilot
who, since 1933, was in charge of the
Deutsches Arbeitsfront (DAF). Ley, had
confiscated pre-existing union funds to fund the
Kraft durch Freud (Strength through
Joy) program, discovered one morning that his wife had fled home to join Hitler at the
Obersalzberg. Nothing is known of the relations between the Führer and the unfaithful wife
except that Inga Ley eventually went back to her husband and committed suicide in
December 1942.
Hitler  loved little kids
which endeared him to
their mother
Hitler did not really look like
a Don Juan but his mettalic
blue eyes and his
willpower seduced many
women and mesmerized
millions of them. Once-
accordint go Christa
Schroder,  Hitler's private
secretary,  one woman took
off her bra in front of him in
order to seduce  him. He
looked terribly
embarrassed and asked
her to put it back.
Inga Ley was a beautiful woman (picture left ).
Foolish gossip circulated through Germany about
her relationship to Hitler and the cause of her
suicide, but nothing is really certain. A lot of
speculation followed her suicide but, to this day, it
is assumed she was unstable, leery of her
husband's acute alcoholism, and had a passion
for her Führer. Robert Ley and his wife Inga had
three children. She was an exceptionally beautiful
woman and Ley commissioned a life size portrait
of her in the nude which he displayed prominently
in his house. According to Robert Ley's private
Hildegard Bruninghoff, Inga Ley shot herself on 29
December 1942. She had become depressed
following complications during
childbirth which had left her drug-dependent. She
was also known to indulge heavily in drinking.
Robert Ley was arrested by the Allies in 1945 and
committed suicide in his prison cell.

Another woman who got close to Hitler was
Renata Müller (pic left), a film actress and one of
Hitler's earlier infatuations. The relationship did
not last long. Once, Müller was spending the
evening at the Chancellery and (she later
confided to her
director, Adolf Zeissler), that Hitler asked her to
getundressed, then threw himself on the floor
begging her to kick him, and inflict pain. She left
the Chancellery very upset.
Beautiful Inge Ley got
herself so much
fascinated by the  
Fuhrer that she fled
home once
and committed
suicide in 1942
out of post-natal
and drugs
         The vengeance of a jealous man

Minister of propaganda and thus head of the newly "nazified"
German film industry, the sardonic Joseph Goebbels liked
Renata Müller enough to insist on the continuation of the
relation.  Using all kind of pretexts, she managed to escape this
unwholesome fate and continued to appear in a series of
popular, if lightweight, potboilers, mainly musicals. But Goebbels,
who had her placed under constant surveillance by the Gestapo,
kept pestering her to appear in propaganda films and she finally
gave in, starring in the blatantly anti-Semitic
Togger (1937).

The situation made her a nervous wreck and in October 1937
she checked into a clinic, ostensibly for treatment of a knee
injury. She never returned and was found on the pavement of an
hotel where she was staying. Renate Müller's death on October
10, 1937 was in all likelihood a suicide and proved a public
relations disaster for the regime in general and Goebbels in
particular. To counteract the public's negative reactions, the
ministry of propaganda spread rumors that she had become
addicted to morphine, that she was an alcoholic and mentally
disturbed, but no one really doubted that Müller was driven to her
early death by Goebbel's lackeys in the Gestapo.  Her sister
always maintained that she died of post-operative complications.  

In 1943, after consistent painful research
and interviews with German refugees,
American psychiatrist Walter C. Langer
wrote a "Psychological Analysis of Adolph
Hitler, His Life and Legend".  Based on his
past clinical experiences and what he heard
from his interviewees, one of his main
conclusions was that, "Herr Hitler was a
sexual pervert of the worst specie who
could reach orgasm and sexual gratification
only when observing his partners defecate
and urinate."
The Fuehrer of Clay. This
porcelain caricature of Hitler
was made in
the 30s and was auctioned
off in 2002 in England (asking
price was
1,500 Pounds). It conjures up
very well the nature of Hitler:
an ambiguous young man
transformed from a shy
adolescent into a crazy
pervert indulging himself into
S&M thanks to 4 years of war
and 20 years of
unassimilated readings.
Would it not be for million of
human life slaughtered
because of him from 1933 to
1945, we
would feel sorry for this poor
Hitler creature.
Geli Raubal was probably the real love of Hitler but he locked
her up out of jealousy and she committed suicide
According to Ernst Hanfstaengl, Hitler
foreign press attaché,  Geli Raubal was
not far from being a little slut, extremely
lazy and untalented but submissive to
Hitler's fantasies until she got too upset
and had an affair with a Jewish artist who
made her pregnant.  Furious, Hitler  
would have pushed her to suicide.
A third suicidal woman who got too close to her Fuhrer was Maria Reiter (picture      
 right) . Nicknamed, Mitzi, she was the daughter of one of the co-founders of the
German Social Democratic Party (SDP). Mitzi got into an infatuation about Hitler that
drove her crazy. Hitler's comments of this sort might have been attractive to her : "I
cannot be mistaken. What I do and say is historical". From the first time Mitzi met
Hitler (while exercising her sister's dog in Kurpark gardens, in 1926), the poor woman
was literally fascinated.

She later visited Hitler in his Munich apartment and the friendship developed to the
point that she often asked him to marry her. Hitler always refused her. In 1927, when
Mitzi heard that Hitler was involved in a serious affair with his niece, Angelika "Geli"
Raubal, blind jealousy drove her to attempt suicide; She failed.

His eyes contain fury and fanaticism

In 1930, Mitzi Reiter married an innkeeper in
Innsbruck and divorced him some years later. Her
second marriage was to SS Hauptsturmfuhrer,
Georg Kubish. In 1938, Mitzi met Hitler again, and
when Kubish was killed at Dunkirk during the
French campaign, Hitler sent her 100 red roses.
There was no further contact between them, but
after the war, Maria Reiter Kubish lived for a while
with Hitler's sister Paula.

Another infatuated young woman was Martha
(1908-1990), daughter of the American
ambassador to Berlin (1933-1938), Prof. William
Dood, who publicly ironized that his daughter "was in
love with the Fuhrer". Of her first meeting with Hitler,
Martha said, " his eyes could contain fury and
fanaticism and cruelty; they could be mystic and
tearful and
challenging." This particular afternoon, she thought,
"Hitler seemed excessively gentle and modest in his
Englishwoman Unity "Bobo" Mitford,    
eventually got crazy about Hitler; to the
point she shot herself in the head on the
day of declaration of war. She failed to kill
herself and Hitler had her rapatriated by
special train to England. She died in
1948. There was never any hint of a
romatic affair between the two.
Hitler would have had an affair with 16-year-old Mitzi Reiter
when he was 39 in 1929  before to meet Geli and Eva. She
was crazy about Hitler but never left any confidences about
their affair.  Here she is pausing at the Berghof in  
Berchtesgaden in a very relax  attitude
Unobtrusive, communicative, and informal, he had a certain quiet charm, almost a
tenderness of speech and glance. She was quite enthralled by the Nazis and Hitler.
She went as far as to socialize with numerous of Nazi leaders, even with the sinister
Rolf Diels, founder of the Gestapo. She was so naive that she said about him," I am
convinced that he was, and is, no more of a Nazi than many of the others who give
lip-service to it for their various personal or political reasons." (sic). American
naivety in foreign policy is well known; Americans remain optimistic until they are
brutally made aware by horrific circumstances.

Eventually, Martha Dood's presence into such intimate Nazi circles was frowned
upon by some Nazis dignitaries: Goering started the gossip that she had "red"
sympathies and was a Communist. At this point, legend has it, Martha was so
disappointed she sliced her wrist but the attempted suicide was covered up. Others
said that she was so totally disillusioned with the regime that she tried to take her
life. In 1938, back to the USA, she had recovered enough to marry into a Jewish
financial family and become the wife of investment broker Alfred Kaufman Stern. In
1939 she published a book about her experiences in nazi Germany titled "
Embassy Eyes

In this book, she distanced herself from her earlier infatuations and lashed out at
the Nazis with the all the convictions of an ex-dupe. After the war, the always gullible
Martha, became active in left wing politics; working closely with Vassili Zubilin, the
second secretary of the Soviet Embassy in Washington. In 1953 such association,
however, attracted the attention of the McCarthy House Un-American Activities
Committee, which frightened the Sterns into fleeing to Mexico City, Cuba and in
1957 to Prague, where Stern died in 1986 and his restless wife, Martha, in 1990.
Goering was right after all.
Martha Dood , daughter of
the American
ambassador to Berlin  
who publicly ironized that
his daughter "was in love
with the Fuhrer".
 A clique of american industrialists

artha Dood's father, William Dood, (who was a brilliant academic but was almost
as naive as his daughter) also took some time to recognize the horrors of the Nazi
regime. In 1937, William Dood (picture right below with his family), eventually
denounced in a note to Washington, "the Nazis and a clique of American
industrialists who are prone to do anything to impose upon our democracy a fascist
regime and are also collaborating with similar regimes in Germany and Italy...Some
of our
most powerful families in the USA are extremely close to the Nazi regime."

After a personal meeting with Hitler, he wrote in his diary, "the Hitler regime is
composed of rather inexperienced and very dogmatic persons,  all of whom have
been more or less connected with murderous undertakings in the last eight or ten
years. It is a combination of men who represent different groups of the present
German majority, not an actual majority
". Dood's later views were never taken
seriously by the FDR team, he failed to attract consideration from the President and
he became the mockery of Roosevelt's State Department. He died in 1940 totally
disillusioned and bitter.
Hitler had no idea that
his favorite sculptor
Arno Breker could
execute sensual
statues of this kind.
This one was made
after ww2. In 1936, he
probably would have
declared this work
"entarte art" or
Magda Goebbels, the woman whom the Fuehrer needed

The list is not over. One of the most infatuated Hitler's
admirers was the handsome and ambitious
Johanna Maria
Magdelene Goebbels
, married from 1921 to 1929 to Gunther
Quandt, chairman of the board of the potash firm Wintershall
and owner of Accumulatoren-Fabrik AG (AFA), Bayerish Motor
Werken (BMW) and since 1928 of large-scale munitions
manufacturer Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken
(DWM). Quandt was one of the first NSDAP financiers as soon
as 1930, along with Dr. Kurt Schmitt, General Director of
Allianz und Stuttgarter Verein Versicherungs AG insurance
firm and August von Finck, chairman of the supervisory board
of the same company. Madga divorced Gunther Quandt in 1930
with a monthly alimony of
4,000 marks to marry in December
1931 the diminutive and club-footed Paul Josef Goebbels, Nazi
Propaganda Direktor.
The Dodd family at their arrival in Berlin: a typical and
naive american family full of good intentions

Otto Wagener , chairman of the Economic
Policy Committee until 1933 and confidant of
Hitler, wrote in his notes written in prison after
the war
(4), that he actually asked Magda
Quandt to marry Goebbels to get closer to the
Fuhrer who needed a "woman like her." She
was too happy to jump on the bandwagon and
to become the mentor of her Fuhrer and
Germany's First Lady. Hermann Goring hated
her and called her "Goebbel's Madame

Some historians pointed out that she would
have carried out shameless blackmail
practices against her former husband and that
she eventually became Hitler's mistress. This
is very doubtful because Hitler intervened
often between Magda and her husband, who
was a terrible womanizer, in view to patch up a
marriage that was constantly on the brink of
breaking up. Goebbels met her when he was
tutor of her son Harald. Another of her sons,
Helmut, born in 1935, was be said to be Hitler's
son. But it is doubtful.
This beautiful face belongs to
Johanna Maria Magdelene Quant
who loved Hitler and married
(picture below)  the clubfooted and
ugly Paul Josef Goebbels  to get
closer to Hitler but love was
platonic. She too committed
suicide in 1945. She wanted to
divorce Goebbels who was a
contemptuous  and cynical
womanizer but Hitler opposed the
idea and she  yielded in to the will
of  her  Führer. She was  
particularly distressed by the fact
she had, accordingly to Goebbels's
wishes, to "suicide"  her kids.
The Goebbels'  
wedding  was a
great  Nazi event of
the 30s. On the
right, Magda's son
from her first
marriage to Herr
The Goebbels kids, Helga  
(1932), Hildegard (1934),
Helmut (1935), Hedwig
1937), Holdine (1938) and
Heidrun (1940), died in
1945 from  poison by their
mother.  Only Harald, son
of Herr Quandt, escaped
the massacre.
Gorgeous Leni
Riefenstahl too
was fascinated by
Hitler but smartly
enough she  
refused every  one
of his timid  
The young woman who paid most dearly for the privilege of
becoming the Fuhrer's mistress was the daughter of his
half-sister Angela,  the beautiful but rather silly
, aka Geli. Here we get into the dark realm of
incestuous love affairs that is not always pleasant.
Geli was a
lively witty young woman and Hitler seemed totake some
perverted sadistic pleasure trying to break her.

Geli and her mother Angela came to Munich in 1924 to tend to
Hitler's household but in 1929 Hitler and Geli moved in a new
home and started an affair. According to every testimony,
Hitler fell terribly in love with Geli and he developed a rabid
jealousy for his niece culminating with Geli being almost
imprisoned in semi-seclusion.

Permanent seclusion, constant jealousy (which tend to be one
of the more prevailing and most odious traits of Hitler's
character) and finally, the masochistic obsessions of her
uncle/lover pushed Geli to try to escape by being engaged to  
Emil Maurice, Hitler's chauffeur, but Hitler thwarted the
attempt. Later she had an affair with a Jewish artist who would
have made her pregnant. Then she begged Hilter for her
freedom. As soon as 1943, Walter C. Langer
(2) pretended
that  Hitler forced Geli to submit to perverse sexual sessions
including defecation and urination. This perversion of Hitler
was confirmed by other sources, and notably, by Geli herself
who often complained that "Hitler wanted to see me crouched
down upon him in order to see everything."
Angelika Raubal, niece and mistress of Hitler, is alleged to
have shot herself in the chest with Hitler's own handgun.
She was supposedly upset with Hitler sexual habits and
tired of being his reclusive lover. The other  theories tell that
Hitler shot her because she wanted to drop
him or that he pused her to suicide. According to Christa
Schroder, Hitler's secretary, she shot herself in the mouth
because  she had discovered a love letter to Hitler from Eva
braun. She was 23.
Geli committed
suicide on the
2nd floor of this
building which is
now Munich
Police offices
The relationship between Hitler and Geli came to a head
in September 1931, Geli is said to have begged Hitler to let her
return to Vienna. Hitler refused. There are two theories
presented for what occurred after Hitler denied Geli's request
to leave his house: the first theory argues that Geli shot
herself with Hitler's handgun, the other theory maintains that
Hitler killed her in the heat of a convulsive rage; probably by
accident. Ernst  Hanfstaengl, Hitler's foreign press secretary, wrote in his
Memoirs that Hitler probably told Geli that she should commit suicide
because she was pregnant.

Hitler's secretary told once David Irving
(6), British-born
Revisionist, that she was sure Geli committed suicide because she found
a letter of love to Hitler written by Eva Braun.  According to Otto Wagener,
Head of the Economic Policy Committee of the NSDAP until 1933, Hitler
was on a train between Munich and Saalfeld when the accident occurred
and he went back to Munich the next day, just in time for the
autopsy, "for several days, he shunned all company," wrote
Some days later, Hitler declared to
Wagener that "
he had overcome the
urge to physically possess a woman
and he stressed "the value (he had)
placed on the loving hand of a
female being who was close to (his)
(4) Did he ever possessed one
? To me, these comments are purely
glib-talk, speaking much of the
hypocrite and pedant who hid his
jealousy and possessiveness behind
nice speeches : it was a prank of the
comedian Führer aiming at impressing
his entourage and gullible aids, like
Wagener who until 1933 was convinced
that Hitler was a genius. It is interesting
to note that Wagener's viewpoint of
Hitler changed when he lost the favor
of the Führer.
Contradictory testimonies

Historian John Toland (7) is
convinced that Hitler suffered from
a rabid jealousy but was not Geli's
lover. In his book "
Flight from
r" published in NYC in 1943,
Otto Strasser, brother of Gregor
Strasser, both early stalwarts of the
Nazi party, stated that the death of
Geli was murder and that strong
evidence of the murder was
collected by Herr Gehrlich, editor of
the German newspaper "
Richtig Weg
"; Gehrlich was
subsequently killed. Furthermore,
Strasser wrote that in 1939,
while in exile in Paris, he got a
phone call from a man who told
him that a certain Father Pant
(whom Strasser knew) had
given Geli last Christian rites
because he knew that she had
not committed suicide.
The film Das blaue Licht was Leni Riefenstahl's award-winning directorial
debut. In fact, she not only directed, but co-wrote, edited, produced and
starred in the film. After the war, Leni tried to direct  several movies but her
talent as a film director did not  impressed the German public anymore.
In his book, "Hitlers Frauen", German author Guido Knopp denies that
Hitler and Geli ever had sex and were only platonic in their relations; thus
he excludes Geli from the gallery of six portraits he titled Hitler's Women :
Eva Braun, Magda Goebbels, Winifred Wagner, Leni Riefenstahl, actress
Zarah Leander and Marlene Dietrich. Historian John Toland makes
the same assessment in his biography of Hitler
(7). It seems a
strange assumption in so far as Hitler did not have sex with Dietrich,
Riefenstahl or Winifred Wagner unless Knopp's parti-pris is that to qualify
as Hitler's woman you had to be successful and already famous. Poor Geli
would perhaps have qualified if uncle Adi would have let her have her
chance. In any case, Geli's testimony is not the only one to have
mentioned weird sexual practices.
Another historian, Robert Leckie, wrote in "Delivered from Evil" (8) that Hitler
and Geli were not "intimate" and that Hitler only appointed himself "guardian" of
Angelika. Leckie joined with Knopp to say that "Hitler was normal in his sexual
appetites, merely sublimating them through his ferocious political activities."
Well, some people would not see water at sea.... The troubling fact is that Geli
was buried on the 23 September 1931 at the Viennese central cemetery
according to Catholic rites what leads us to suppose that the clerical authorities
suspected something.

The Catholic church does not allow suicides to be buried with the last rites. In
her dubious "
Memoirs", Bridget Hitler reported that her son Patrick William
confided to her that Leo Raubal had once declared to William that he knew
Hitler had killed his sister Geli.
Hitler had a very good
relationship with his half-sister
Angela Raubal until they fell off
in 1936 over a mere question of
land and her bossy way to run
the Bergof household.
                                     The straw that broke the camel's back

Murderer or not, Hitler was very affected by the death of Geli. According to Otto Wagener (4) and his ear doctor, Dr.
Giesing, Hitler became a vegetarian after Geli's death. According to Otto Strasser who knew Hitler since 1919, the
Führer was vegetarian as soon as 1919. Vegetarian since the end of the war or not,  Hitler had constant stomach
problems after years of bad diet in Vienna, was of a frail nature, suffered from lung deficiencies and became a
permanently sick man as soon as the early 30s until his real death in 1945. Geli's death in 1931, his accession to
power in 1933 and the war in 1939 rapidly deteriorated his health, mentally and physically.

At the onset of WW2, Hitler was already semi-incapacited to bear the tension of the conflict. And as revisionist
historian David Irving's "Hitler's War"
(6) shows very well Hitler took in stride the most alarming news of the conflict to
the stupefaction of his Generals and threw fits of convulsive rage for the most menial incident. Hitler had developed a
sort of insensitivity to other people's travails but could not bear the lesser contradiction or disagreement.
Albert Speer said after the war that "
there was something insubstantial about Hitler. It seemed that his seizures
of violence could come upon him all the more strongly because there were no human emotions in him to
oppose him. He simply could not let anyone approach his inner being because that core was lifeless, empty
In 1929, he met the  frivolous Eva Braun who was the assistant of his personal
photographer Heinrich Hoffmann and another suicidal creature. Eva had already
tried to commit suicide before meeting Hitler and she literally threw herself on
Hitler's neck to draw his attention. For many months, Hitler just ignored her

       Eva Braun : the real cause of  Geli's death

According to American writer, Ron Hansen, who published in a very interesting
fiction book about the Hitler/Geli love affair titled "Hitler's Niece" (Harper Collins,
1999),  Eva Braun was Hitler's mistress before Geli's death. This might be only
fictional but Hitler and Angelika's relationship and the descriptions of their
respective psychologies makes fascinating reading.  In a book published in
France in December 2004
(10),  Christa Schröder's  interviewer Alfred Zöller
wrote that Frau Schröder was convinced that Geli found a letter by Eva Braun in
Hitler's pocket in which she declared her love to the  great man. Desperate by
the supposed  treason of her uncle, Geli  persuaded that Eva was already the
mistress of Hitler decided to take her life.

A Germanic beauty with reddish cheeks, Eva Braun (1912-1945) lived 12
years in the shadow of her great man. Nothing is known of their sex life but it is a
miracle this poor woman  was able to stomach 12 years of Hitler's
sado-masochism unless, as many pretend, they had no sex life at all. She
sometimes complained that she "
did not get much from Hitler" to her friends.
However, Eva might have found some compensation in the idleness Hitler kept
her, even if she was most of the time shut away from the view of important
personages and did get some good  jewelry from him. At the Berghof however,
she was the Mistress of the house and enjoyed the company of  Nazi dignitaries
and of some of her  friends. Eva's existence was a revelation to the German
people at the end of the war.  You can see a short video of her "life"
here and  
This sketch of Geli by Hitler
does not display a huge talent
but let suppose that the uncle
and the niece had more than
familial relations
The two sisters Braun, Eva and Gretl,
almost looked alike but Gretl seemed
to have been smarter. Eva met Hitler in
1929 at Hoffmann's studio. She
became Hitler's mistress in 1932, a
short while after a second attempt at
suicide, according to some, in order to
draw Hitler's care and attention. Her
simple suicide ploys worked and Eva
lived with Hitler, and in his shadow, for
the rest of her life. Eva's third suicide
attempt in 1945 was successful.
Eva Braun was assistant to
Heinrich Hoffmann, official photographer of
the NSDAP (card member # 427)(left on pic
next to General SS Sepp Dietrich).  Hoffmann
became homosexual after his divorce and
was said to  be infected with gonorrhea. Eva
stayed close to her sister Gretl and, in spite
of her parents' disapproval, she remained
faithful and close to Hitler until the  end. Her
sister Gretl married in June 1944
(1906-1945),  SS Gruppenführer
and lieutenant general of the Waffen SS, who
fled the bunker in April 1945 and was
arrested on Hitler's orders for treason and
shot in the garden of the Foreign Office in
Berlin by a squad of the Waffen SS.
According to Dr. Theo Morell, Hitler's personal doctor after 1936, Eva and her lover-Führer were
sexually involved but not frequently and slept in separate bedrooms. Hitler's housekeeper at the
Berghof said on TV that  Adolf and Eva never had sex and used the testimony of his wife who swore
that the bed's sheets of the couple were never stained.  A woman of little intellectual abilities, frivolous
and immature, Eva was a docile partner, satisfied with her collections of  jewel boxes, fashion dresses
and delicate underwear. She moved into the Chancellery just before the war and was barely
noticeable.  Hitler showed little consideration for her feelings but according to Traudl Junge's  Memoirs
(5), he always was considerate and amiable to  her, although often pulling her leg for one thing or
another. She dressed quietly but with good taste and wore the semiprecious stones that Hitler gave
her for her birthday. She was sports-loving and a good dancer and had a good sense and eye for the
facts of every day life but she had few occasions to show it, except at the Berghof where she could
exert a discreet influence upon Hitler.

Few people were ever aware of her existence and it is only in 1945 that the world learned about her
relationship with Hitler. However, as soon as 1943, Walter Langer in his report to the OSS, mentioned
that one of Hitler's bodyguards has fallen in love with Eva: however, scared to death by the idea of
hunting in a reserved domain, the unfortunate fellow is supposed to have thrown himself through a
window to his death. Nobody except OSS personnel and FDR read this report and Eva went
unnoticed until her death; which we supposed occurred some minutes only after her marriage to Hitler.
It is only in his last last will that Hitler the lover paid some attention to his last minute spouse.

A dud in the bag or a neuter

Last but not least, American journalist P.J.Huss wrote in 1942 that Hitler had for 12 years an affair with
Theresa von Thorn, daughter of an old aristocratic Prussian family who literally tossed their sibling
into Hitler's arms. The Thorns were Nazi supporters from the early days and visited Hitler regularly in
Munich or in Berchtesgaten; these allegations have never been verified. Now, what is the truth about
Hitler's sexual life ?

It is anyone's guess. Some swear he was a dude in the bag. Some, like Langer, are convinced he was
a maniac and a pervert prone to scatology. Marlene Dietrich thought Hitler was impotent. Many people
believe that Hitler was a repressed homosexual. Some people think Hitler was homosexual and not
repressed at all, because he would have been the lover of Ernst Rohm, leader of the SA. As the
French say : "On ne prête qu'aux riches." To think one second only that Hitler might have been the
lover of the repulsive Röhm is really a complete misunderstanding of Hitler's mind. Röhm and his
henchmen (of which a lot were gays) disgusted Hitler but as long as he needed them, Hitler supported
the SA and their vociferous repulsive leader.

It was only when the SA started to dissent about the "rightist" policies of the Reich and became a
threat to him, that Hitler (pushed by Himmler and Goering) decided to do away with them. On the 1st of
July 1934, after declining Hitler's order to commit suicide, Rohm, was shot by SS-Brigf. Theodor Eicke
and/or SS-Stubaf. Michael Lippert at Stadelheim Prison, Munchen. Some months earlier, the nice
Fuhrer of Germany had written Roehm a touching letter: "I thank you my dearest Ernst, for the service
which you have given to the National Socialist Movement and the German people, and to assure you
how very grateful I am that I am able to call such men as you my friends and fellow fighters." It is a well
known fact, that Hitler was very affected by Roehm's death; just one more evidence of the man's

Dr. Morell : "Herr Reich Injection Master"

Favorite past-time of Adolf become Führer, the reading of
"Der Stürmer", anti-semitic magazine owned by Julius
Streicher, some Rupert Murdoch of the 30s, who fought the
Jews and the bourgeoisie. Streicher's QI was 103.  

Anyway, if we believe Fraulein Renata Müller's and Angelika
Raubal's (who both committed suicide) testimonies, Hitler's
erections had to be encouraged in very special ways and his
sexual fancies were more than weird. Dr Theo Morell used to
administer his patient with heavy doses of Orchikrin to the
point that Goering used to sarcastically call him "Herr Reich
Injection Master". This medicine was made of extracts from
seminal testis and prostates of young Hungarian bulls to promote
potency and relieve exhaustion.

Before to get into trouble and to be remplaced by Dr.
Stumpfegger, Dr. Morell  gave Hitler massive  doses of
Prostakrinum used to combat genital hypoplasy (a condition of
arrested development in which an organ or part remains below
the normal size or in an immature state) and finally injected
him with liquid Testosterone, an androgenic hormone primarily
responsible for normal growth and development of male sex
and reproductive organs, including the penis, testicles, scrotum,
prostate, and seminal vesicles. Eva Braun used to say that Dr.
Morell was disgusting and his office was like a pigsty. Hitler
thought Morell was a "Superman".

Above all, what seemed to have particularly upset Hitler's
opponents during this period was the general atmosphere of
pornography and homosexuality prevalent around the Führer.
To them it was all the more shocking that Hitler was always
presented as a decent man, declaring homosexuality as
"against nature". In his anti-Nazi propaganda book published
before the war, Rauschning wrote of Hitler that, "
nothing in
his entourage is normal, natural or true
". This decadent
ambiance is magnificently depicted in Ron Hansen's book, (Hitler's niece), a book  that should be read
in order to have a better glimpse into the 3rd Reich's Germany. In his Memoirs, Albert Speer who can
be considered as one of Hitler's rare close friends, does not mention such a filthy atmosphere and
suggests that Hitler was not interested in sex or women because he was too involved in politics.
Brutality is respected

Things got so disgusting around Hitler that Goebbels and
Himmler could not take it anymore and wanted to exterminate
the S.A. movement. To appease their furor and quench the SA
red tendencies and the fact that Röhm
planned a growing role for his SA at the
expense of the Reichswehr,  Hitler -with the tacit support
of the Army- eventually consented to the S.A.  extermination.
Hundreds of SA members were murdered on
the Night of the Long Knivesas well as Catholics who had
nothing to do with their depravity. In conclusion, I do not see
why the reality of Hitler's sexuality -whatever it was- should
explain everything about Nazism in this period of our history.
As Langer wrote, as soon as 1943, "the image Hitler created
was a form of compensation for his own inferiorities,
insecurities and guilt. Consequently that image negated all his
former qualities and turned them into their opposites to the
same degree. All the human qualities of love, pity, sympathy
and compassion were interpreted as weaknesses and
disappeared in the transformation."

Then Langer continued by saying, "in their place we find
what Hitler' s warped mind conceived to be the super-masculine
view", and Langer quoted Hitler saying: "Brutality is
respected; Brutality and physical strength. The plain man in
the street respects nothing but brutal strength and
ruthlessness. We want to be the supporters of the dictatorship
of national reason, of national energy, of national brutality and
resolution." How is it that millions of Germans did not distance
themselves from a man with such utterances ?
Does it take an impotent, a sexual maniac, a perverted  
monorchid to voice such ideas and undergo such
transformations ? I doubt it. Hitler might have been sexually
under gifted but he was oratorically over-gifted and his real
monstrosities laid elsewhere;
in the total absence of
compassion, his vanity, his malignant jealousy, his
cruelty, his  meanness and his terrible pride
. It is difficult
with so many appalling attributes to enjoy life, sexually or
mentally and difficult to look at a female partner with sheer
pleasure and envy, difficult not to be tempted into cruelty
and deviousness.

Difficult, in one word, to be anything but  mad. Hitler's
sentimental and sexual life was a sad clone of his psyche:
chaotic and destructive. One feels almost sorry for the poor
man who could not simply enjoy a nice erection. In the end, one
can not prevent some smart exegetes like Herr Knopp to think
and write that "Hitler's problems with women came from the
mystical idea of his destiny and his devotion to politics." But I
personally doubt that it was the source of his monstrous
behavior with women who got to close to  him.

(1) G. Knopp is not taken seriously as an historian by many academics. Wulf Kansteiner, Assistant
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, PhD (1997) at UCLA once said that Knopp provides "history
pornography". German historian Joachim Käppner is very critical of Knopp's book Der Jahrhundertkrieg that
accompanies a TV serie realized by Knopp.  

(2) A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler, His Life and Legend, Walter C. Langer,Office of Strategic
Services, Washington, D.C.

(3) A fortune for the time : in 1943, Traudl Junge, Hitler's personal Secretary was making 450 Marks per

(4) Hitler, Memoirs of a Confidant, Edited by Henry Ashby Turner Jr. - Yale Univ. Press, 1985. On another
hand, author Rynn Berry thinks that Hitler's vegeterianism is a myth put together by Goebbels and his
entourage. This absurd theory is contradicted by facts, testimonies and books, notably by the Memoirs of
Christa Schroder and Traudl Junge, Hitler's personal secretaries.

(5) According to Traudl Junge, Hitler's secretary, Helga had a sad look on her face and might have guessed
that the "inoculation" they should have allegedly to protect them from diseases was a tragic farce. (Until the
Final Hour, Arcade, ISBN -13: 978-1-55970-728-2)

(6) D.Irving, Hitler's War, available on the Internet from David Irving's site. Released from jail in Austria in
December 2006, Irving is hated by most historians and persecuted by British and Austrian authorities for
being a Revisionist. His sources are often German and very credible ; he speaks good  German and he had
access to informations that other historians neglected, under considered or simply were not able to deal
with. For a long period of time, he was branded a  serious historian. Since 1945, Allied historians have too
often considered that no German source of information could be credible, even documents from the Nazi
administration or the Wehrmacht  :it was not  Irving's  case and he put to light a lot of unknown or ignored
facts about WW2. Irving has disturbed the concert of the mono-sourced historians of the Anglo-Saxon
World and frequently brought to the surface disturbing facts. But he got himself into trouble with "Hitler's
war" where he pretended that Hitler knew nothing about t
he Holocaust. Dubbed as a Holocaust denier by an
American scholar, he sued Deborah Lipstadt  before a British Court  : he made a fool of himself and lost the
case. He might be prejudiced and lying in numerous other instances but his "Hitler's war" is based on the
personal diaries of Hitler's Generals, Wehrmarcht's archives or souvenirs of their widows. Though
"Revisionist" in its denial of Hitler's knowledge of the extermination of the Jews, it is a remarkable book that
everybody should read. Irving was released from an Austrian jail in December 2006 where he was arraigned
for breach of interdiction to set foot on Austrian soil as a denier.

(7) John Toland, Adolf Hitler, Doubleday NYC 1976

(8) R. Leckie, Delivered from Evil, Harper & Row, 1987

(9) Inside the Third Reich, Albert Speer,  The Macmillan Cy,   1970, NYC (NY)

(10)  In a book published in France in December 2004 (Douze ans auprès de Hitler, Page après  Page
Publishing),  Christa Schröder's  interviewer Alfred Zöller wrote that Frau Schröder was convinced that Geli
found a letter by Eva Braun in Hitler's pocket in which she declared her love to the  great man. Desperate
by the treason of her uncle, she decided to take her life.

(NB) Questions to
All Experts 20th Century

Maria "Mitzi"  Reiter was
totallyinfatuated with Hitler
and  tried to  committ suicide
in 1927 . The reality of her
relationship with Hitler is a
Poor  Goebbels' poor little kids

She officially had six children with Goebbels: Helga (1932), Hildegard (1934), Helmut (1935),
Hedwig 1937), Holdine (1938) and Heidrun (1940). They all died in 1945 poisoned by their
mother : they were actually inoculated some lethal substance. According to Traudl Junge,
Hitler's personal secretary, Helga had guessed what her parents were up to.
(5) She was 13.  
Goebbels finally shoot himself while Magda bit down on her cyanide capsule. Harald who was
already too old to be murdered in this horrible manner and was not living with his
mother, escaped the massacre. After the war Harald became, with his half-brother Herbert, a
prominent industrialist in Germany at the helm of the Bayerish Motor Werken (BMW)
firm. Harald died in 1967, aged 46, in a plane crash in Southern France. Today, Herbert's
Johanna, born Johanna Bruhn, and her children Suzanne and Stefan, hold the
biggest fortune in Federal Germany with assets estimated at $15 billions.

Of all Hitler's women, the most famous and the most remarkable is the handsome
(pic  left below). Leni started her professional life as a successful  dancer; then
she turned to cinema (see picture to the right) and became NSDAP's official propaganda
documentaries director although she always  presented herself as a cineast and an artist.
Leni spent several nights at the Chancellery with Adolf Hitler but she always maintained that
she turned down his timid passes.

Riefenstahl was stronger than Hitler, more balanced, more energetic and she did not care for
Hitler's fantasies. Ever ambitious, she intelligently used Hitler's phantasms to secure
for herself the best place in the Nazi Hall of Fame by constantly refused a place in Hitler's
bed. This probably explains why she outlived Hitler by almost 50 years and went on to live an
interesting albeit
controversial life long after the Third Reich was left in ashes.
Hitler loved to get some rest and a breakaway from  his
military chores in his beloved house in Berchtesgaten
in the Bavarian Alps
Ludwig Stumpfegger  
(1910-1945)  was originally
Himmler's doctor, but was
transferred to Hitler after
Theodor Morell got in
trouble, and later sacked by
Hitler. Morell died May 26,
1948 age 58 and
Stumpfegger died  during
the bunker breakout on May
2, 1945, age 34, probably  
from suicide (cyanide pill).
Born in Munich, Germany in 1912, Braun was
the daughter of a school teacher from a
respectable Bavarian family. She was
educated at a lyceum, then for one year at a
business school in a convent where she had
average grades, a talent for athletics and is
said to have had the "dreamy beauty of a
farmer's daughter".  She was a good
Heinrich Hoffmann (October 12,
1885 in Fürth - December 11,
1957 in Munich) was a German
photographer. He joined the
NSDAP in 1920 and was
chosen personally by its new
leader Adolf Hitler as his official
photographer. Hoffmann
became a constant companion
and close friend of Hitler's, and
by 1945 had taken over 2.23
million photographs of the
Führer. He was an alcoholic
and in the last years of the
Reich had lost Hitler's
Theodor (Theo) Gilbert Morell (July 22, 1886 - May
26, 1948) was Adolf Hitler's personal physician
from 1936 until his suicide in 1945. Morell was
well known in Germany for his unconventional,
holistic and alternative treatments.
At the end  of the war, Don Juan
was a nervous wreck deemed
insane by doctors and
psychoanalysts, one of them
disappeared after having
advised "mental asylum" for
A worried Führer looked up
checking on the possibility of
allied bombing
Very good footage in colour of
the Third Reich  can be seen on
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